Understanding Dreams & Visions

Taught by Laurel Favilla, Certified Streams Teacher, Heartgrown Ministries
Authored by John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministries International

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you just cannot forget, you just cannot shake it? Or maybe you forget it for a while but it keeps coming back to you? Or perhaps you have the same dream repeatedly or you have a reoccurring subject in your dreams. You have wondered what that is all about haven’t you?

Might these dreams actually be from God? Can we have supernatural encounters in our dreams? We explore these questions and more in this class. This is and intensive multi-day course filled with scripture and explanations of the amazing and personal way God communicates to us in our dreams.

Laurel’s life was greatly impacted by the insights and truths in this teaching and now she wants to share them with your church or ministry group. If you are interested in more info about having Laurel come teach this class send an email to info@heartgrownmin.org.

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Syllabus includes:
•Introduction to Visions
•Biblical Terminology for Dreams and Visions
•History of Dreams from God
•Dreams: God’s Night Parables
•Basic Types and Symbols
•Intuitive Dream Recording
•Basic Interpretation Skills
•Dream Functions
•20 Categories of Dreams
•Spectrums of Light
•Parabolic Principles in Dreams
•Elements of Dreams
•Colors in Dreams
•Five Ways of Recording Dreams
•How to Remember Your Dreams
•Developing Your Dream Vocabulary