The Art of Hearing God

Taught by Laurel Favilla, Certified Streams Teacher, Heartgrown Ministries
Authored by John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministries International

Queens, NYC class over 2 weekends. On the weekends of October 27 & 28, 2017 and November 3rd & 4th we will meet on Friday night and all day Saturday on both those weekends to complete the course. For complete info/ registrtation AVAILABLE NOW here.

This is an intensive multi-day course designed to create a deep sensitivity for hearing God speak. It includes hundreds of scriptures to paint an accurate biblical picture of an intimate God that is always speaking and how we as His child and bride, can hear and respond in the most amazing ways. Is there really a reason I was created? Do I have purpose and does God have a plan for my life? What is prophecy anyway and what does it have to do with me? What is the difference between a prophetic word and a psychic reading? What does the scripture REALLY say about this topic?

This course addresses these questions and MUCH more. Laurel’s life was greatly impacted by the insights and truths in this teaching and now she wants to share them with your church or ministry group.

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Syllabus Includes:
Three Pillars of Prophetic
Ministry Prophetic Time Periods
Five Levels of Listening
Knowing God’s Voice
Practical Tips for Delivering a Word Prophetic
Servanthood and Authority
Metaphorical Understanding
Fellowship of the Spirit
Spiritual Authority Spirit of Lawlessness in the Church
Role, Purpose, and Function of the Church
Godward Meditation
Old and New Testament Terms for “Prophet”
Distinguishing Between Prophets and Psychics
Comparison of Left-Brain and Right-Brain Characteristics
Role, Purpose, and Function of Prophetic Ministry in the Church